What materials are the vent clips air freshener made of?
We made most of the vent clips with high-quality plaster and painted them with non-toxic and tasteless pigments. In addition, we also made clips with wood and wool-felt material. Totally handmade.

How to use these car accessories as air fresheners?
We made most of the vent clips/hanging accessories with high-quality plaster. You only need to drip 2 to 3 drops of essential oils or perfume into the back of the plaster to enjoy the pleasant fragrance.

About the care instructions of decoden phone cases.
-Please use it after air drying for 1 to 2 days in order to prevent the cream from soft by going through long-distance transportation.
-Please use wipes to wipe off the dust if the surface becomes dirty:)

How to use the crochet car dashboard decors(with spring) as an air freshener?
-The crochet dash decors(with spring) come with a scent package, it's easy to become a car air freshener only need to open and place it in the plastic bottom box.
- Please contact me if you don't receive the scent package.